Sunday, 3 January 2010



Just finished is the Island of Dr Moreau re-issue, this was a great honour to do get the chance to illustrate this story. I have actually illustrated this before [see book cover section] so to do this again presented a challenge to find a fresh direction and it was a lot of fun to do and I think it turned out well.

Hope you like it!

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Stefano P. said...

I commented quite some time ago here about the cover of God of Clocks. I was taking a look at the contestants in the David Gemmel Award and under the category of Ravenheart found three of your covers. The first one was the one from Blood of Ambrose, which I did not really like, the third one the one from God of Clocks, which I have already told you how much I like (the Deepgate Codex trilogy has some of my favorite covers out of more than the 300 books I own), but I was very surprised to see you had also done, or at least been given credit for, the cover of The Adamantine Palace, a book which, though not very interested by the story itself, I bought in hardcover because of the beautiful cover.
Therefore, assuming you are the one who did it, as I have not seen it here and I usually check this site once every month, I would like to congratulate you on producing such fine covers, which are so good as to convince me to buy a book about dragons, which I have became pretty tired of after many years reading fantasy.
I have taken a look at the cover of King of the Crags and must say it looks amazin as well.

Dominic Harman said...

Hi Stefano,

Appreciate your comments. That is a big compliment, thanks!

I didn't realise that I had three in there. Well I am among some pretty fine company I must say, wow, some REAL talent there, I think its nice just to be nominated, that is an honour in its self!

Yes, The Adamantine Palace is mine, I am very pleased that you like it so much and I will post it up, there have been a few that I do need to show. I think the first cover does have a nice sense of grace about it combined with the delicate design and the publishers wanted something other than a typical fight scene, I like doing both to be honest, it does need to be freshened up a bit every now and then.

I am very pleased with Blood of Ambrose and God of Clocks, I think GOC is very unusual as an illustration,

Thanks again, watch this space and I will post them up, I hope Mr Deas is pleased with my efforts!

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Marina said...

This is SO beautiful!
Im your fan now!
I make book covers too, here in Brazil. Please visit my website

Dominic Harman said...

Hi Marina,

Thanks for getting in touch. I am a fan of your work too!

Thanks so much! I enjoyed designing the cover a lot with the textures and the contrast of colours with the muted blue human face against the richer warmer tones of the tiger/leopard.

Love your website btw!

Best Wishes,