Saturday, 16 January 2010


Back again!

Right, up now are a couple of efforts for Orion books.

The Adamantine Palace and The King of the Crags by Author, Stephen Deas. For the cover brief, it was decided to opt for a new approach away from the narrative scene and go for something more design led and type dominant. The illo's of the dragons are playing a supporting role in these covers which is presenting a whole new decorative feel for the cover. Its nice to able to do both approaches to the Dragon theme.

Hope you like these covers, they have gone down well, The Adamantine Palce has been nominated for the Ravenheart Award so that is a huge honour!

Hope you good people like them also.

More soon.



Stefano P. said...

Hello again.
The covers, as aforementioned, look great.
I would like to say that I believe that what I like about those covers is the fact they are purely evocative. The Deepgate covers, for example, portray perfectly the atmosphere of the books. If the cover of God of Clocks looks kind of weird, it is because the book itself is so (in a marvellous way).
I find covers that depict scenes inside the book do not attract me, because A) I like the cover to represent a totality of the book, and not one specific scene. A cover with a man fighting a dragon restricts the viewers opinion of the book, by ignoring all other aspects of the book and saying "this is a book about someone who fights dragons" and B)I find that illustrations of the scenes or characters limit my imagining the book properly.
Anyway, keep up with the great work, including the covers that are not to my taste, as diversity and variety are extremely important in the book market.

Dominic Harman said...

Hi Stefano,

Thanks for your compliments, much appreciated!

I did try to capture the feel of the books [Campbell's] Glad you think so as well.

Yes, I have been producing a broad spectrum of work as its keeps everything fresh so as you say, diversity can be a good thing.

Thanks again for checking my stuff out.

Best Wishes,


Stephen Deas said...

Hi Dominuc,

I certainly love these two covers, and it's probably true to say that I've had as many comments made to me about the cover as the content (all good, of course ;-)

Stephen Deas said...

Gah! And you can see why my proof-readers hate me...

Dominic Harman said...
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Dominic Harman said...

No worries Stephen :-)

I do the same!

Thanks, I always love the big full-on scenes as you can see from my other illo's but Gollancz came up with a cool idea to create a very decorative design to incorporate the dragons, very unique I think.

Glad you like them!

Best Wishes,